New in the range: medicinal mushrooms

Discover our medicinal mushrooms here. In order to save you the long journey to Asia, where they are an integral part of local medicine, we have decided to offer them to you here in the shop. 

Your Vitalplant benefits:

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Control After import, the raw material is immediately checked for purity and quality by an independent German laboratory according to pharmaceutical standards. The products are only released for further processing if all analyzes are flawless.Naturalness  Our credo is: as natural as possible. This also applies to all our micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and Co. We always use the organic molecular compounds for the best bioavailability such as citrate or gluconate.Expertise All product formulas have been designed by our experienced team of nutritionists and pharmacists. For this we draw on the latest findings and scientific studies from the fields of phytotherapy and orthomolecular medicine.

Sustainability Our packaging also reflects the approach of naturalness and sustainability. All our products are filled in a sustainable apothecary amber glass. These protect the contents from UV rays and are more environmentally friendly than plastic