We want to take care of your health with the best possible product quality. Our dietary supplements are designed to give you what is no longer present in denatured foods. With a clearly designed shop, perfect customer service and short delivery times, we live a sales philosophy that is oriented towards the customer and his needs. Take us at our word - we support you with your health.

If you buy cheap products, you can also resell them cheaply. But he doesn't have to. But we do, it's part of our sales philosophy. We order our dietary supplements directly from the contract manufacturer and in this way keep the trade routes short. This creates profit margins, most of which we pass on to you.

We want to support your health with our products and we are aware that this is a permanent process. That's why we want to give you good reasons to shop with us and become a regular customer. And we do everything we can to convince and satisfy you with our product quality.

We attach great importance to clean raw materials. Our raw material suppliers and contract manufacturers have the quality of the products constantly checked using the latest technology. Substances such as mercury, pesticides, lead, fungi, bacteria and other harmful substances have no place in our products.

Quality control is important to us with every contract manufacturer, so that you always have the guarantee that you are doing something good with our food supplements.

Our products are manufactured in Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland and England. Each manufacturing company has specialized in a limited range of products. All producers work according to the strictest criteria to ensure an absolutely clean composition of the dietary supplements. It is also important that the specific active ingredients are present in a standardized amount (guaranteed amount) in each individual product. Nutritionists, pharmacists and food engineers use their knowledge to ensure the best possible product quality, which we pass on to you. In addition to constant weight checks, this also includes compliance with the required quality guidelines:

1. HACCP-Konzept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Contract manufacturers who have committed themselves to these quality guidelines only employ trained personnel who work according to the hygiene guidelines of the HACCP concept. Content of this law is the obligation to the strictest cleanliness and a complete documentation of the processing.

Starting with the receipt of raw materials through to the delivery of the finished product. The logs must be archived by the contract manufacturer and stored for a certain period of time. With the help of this concept, regular checks ensure the desired product quality of our dietary supplements.

2. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

GMP describes quality assurance controls to monitor and log the relevant work processes.

This rules out any mix-ups or contamination, and the product quality is maintained with regard to hygiene regulations.

3. DIN EN ISO 9001

The ISO quality guidelines deal with process structures. There are strict requirements here that are intended to ensure that errors can be detected and eliminated at an early stage. All processes must be clearly and simply structured and are precisely logged.

The precise adherence to the recipe, the selection of raw materials, the combination of different raw materials, taking into account the appropriate mixing ratio, and controlled filling are observed and analyzed. This is the only way that contract manufacturers can guarantee high product quality for each end product, which is also continuously available.

Composition and dosage form of the dietary supplements

Please refer to each label for complete information about that dietary supplement. All active ingredients and ingredients are listed in detail so that you know what the respective dietary supplement consists of. In this way, we also rule out the possibility that you may have an allergic reaction to unknown substances. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can see at a glance whether the relevant ingredients in the product are suitable for you.

Dietary supplements come in liquid and solid forms. Capsules are the most popular way of taking them because they are tasteless and easy to dose. The outer shell dissolves very quickly through the gastric juices, so that the active ingredients can immediately enter the bloodstream and thus reach the individual cells. If you have stomach problems, a glass of diluted lemon before taking the capsules will help stimulate the gastric juices and break down the capsule shell more quickly. Other dosage forms can be tablets, powder, tinctures or drops. Many quality products are also offered in solid and loose form, which is reflected in the price ratio.

Freely available substances without side effects

Dietary supplements are not medicines and therefore do not require a prescription. Since the majority of them consist of endogenous substances, no side effects can occur when using the specified maximum amount, as can often be the case in contrast to medication. Please note, however, that your body will react to the amounts supplied. For example, if there is a mineral deficiency in your body, dietary supplements can ensure that it is compensated. It can happen that there are short-term symptoms - the so-called initial aggravations. This shows the body that it is able to cleanse and heal itself with the help of the body's own substances.

Are all dietary supplements in the shop legal?

Yes! All the products you see here are perfectly legal in the European Union. At no time do we offer our customers illegal products! Where and how are the preparations produced?

Production is carried out by contract manufacturers. Several of these contract manufacturers have specialized in different dietary supplements. These are based, for example, in the Netherlands, Germany or England. Consistently high quality is made possible by specializing in certain products and product groups.

How do I take my ordered products?

Each dietary supplement in our shop contains information on how, when and in what amount to take it. These can be found either on a separate, enclosed piece of paper or directly on the packaging. Be sure to follow these recommended intakes to avoid possible, albeit very rare, side effects from overdosing. However, when consumed according to the manufacturer's instructions, no side effects are to be expected, provided there are no specific allergies or intolerances to the ingredients.

How long do my purchased products keep?

The best before date is at least one year if stored properly. Information on storage can be obtained directly from the respective product. The long sell-by date is a direct consequence of our freshly produced food supplements. We do not sell stale goods that have been stored for a long time!

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