Get moving!

Regular exercise and sports promote blood circulation, keep your body fit and relax the bladder and prostate. It doesn't have to be the gym. Be creative and get some exercise in the fresh air, whatever the weather: take a lap around the block during your lunch break. Get on your bike, go out with your partner or dog and experience the changing of the seasons.

Avoid sitting for too long at work. Get up every hour for a few minutes to walk a few steps - this relieves the prostate.

A brisk evening walk of just 30 minutes is enough to boost fluid distribution throughout the body. The urine excretion before going to bed is stimulated and thus the quality of sleep is improved.

You can order these additional guides on the subject of urinary urgency and the prostate of old age from us free of charge. With a click on the order button you will be taken to the website of Dr. Forwarded to Willmar Schwabe. There you can conveniently order the brochures for your home.

Urgency under control

Information and tips for men over 50

If you have to do it frequently, you are under constant stress. Above all, the nocturnal disturbances become a burden. But even during the day, the life of those affected is determined by the frequent, often sudden urge to urinate.

But what is the cause of increased urination? This brochure tells you what this is all about and how you can reduce your symptoms effectively and in a tolerable way.