The special mode of action of nasic® - scientifically proven

nasic® provides faster rhinitis relief with the special combination of two active substances: xylometazoline, which quickly frees the blocked nose, and dexpanthenol, which accelerates the healing of the irritated nasal mucosa. This allows the nasal mucosa to resume its immune function more quickly and thus defend more effectively against viruses. Studies have proven that the special combination of active ingredients in nasic® shortens the duration of rhinitis compared to products with xylometazoline only.

If we suffer from a congested nose because we have a cold, in most cases this is due to viruses wreaking havoc in our nose.

Usually, when fully intact, our nasal mucosa performs an important immune function and keeps germs in our airways at bay. If our immune system is weakened by a common cold, viruses can enter our nasal mucosa more easily, attacking it and multiplying there. In an attempt to remove these pathogens, our body reacts by boosting the blood supply to the nasal mucosa – the nasal mucosa become swollen, which leads to the familiar symptom of a blocked nose. This is where nasic® helps, with its proven combination of the decongestant xylometazoline and the healing-promoting dexpanthenol.