Evita was specially developed for the female organism to specifically support it in losing weight. The hunger in the morning is significantly reduced and in the evening before going to bed the tablets promote the nocturnal fat metabolism and lure it from the reserves. In addition, the hormonal balance is activated and brought into balance, so that the body also allows fat reduction. Evita tablets reduce hard-to-reach, deep-seated fat deposits that are often very difficult to remove during a conventional diet. These fat deposits accumulate particularly on the abdomen, hips and thighs, the typical problem areas. It is particularly easy to avoid the recurring yo-yo effect with Evavita so that you can maintain your target weight and feel completely at ease.application areas

Thanks to the special weight loss formula LHT1400, Evavita Activeburner tablets can be used for overweight as well as to maintain the current weight. They stop cravings and uncontrolled appetite, support the psyche and promote motivation. This product cannot replace a balanced, healthy diet and sufficient exercise, only support it by reducing hunger pangs and boosting fat burning.