The No. 1 from the pharmacy - euviril ®

There are topics that only concern men. With euviril ® you have a selection of high-quality preparations at your disposal that were specifically developed for the sexually active man.

euviril ®  complex N is a modern dietary supplement.

euviril ®  complex N was specifically developed for men for daily care when needed.

In addition to the semi-essential amino acid L-arginine, euviril ®  complex N contains several vitamins and the secondary plant substance lycopene from the tomato . euviril ®  complex N is very well tolerated and is available without a prescription and discreetly in pharmacies.

More performance through targeted pelvic floor training

The male pelvic floor has long been neglected. Most men do not know that they also have potency muscles anchored in their pelvic floor and that these can be specifically trained in order to achieve a better erection and longer stability.

Pelvic floor training for men may sound a bit strange and not particularly appealing, but the pelvic floor is also of great importance for men, and specifically for male sexuality. The pelvic floor muscles and the potency muscles play an important role in a good, hard and long-lasting erection.

Even in professional football, Jürgen Klinsmann introduced pelvic floor training to the German national team in 2006. In the special core stability training, the lower back and abdominal muscles are trained in particular. Jürgen Klinsmann consulted special fitness trainers from the USA for the training program.