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All about COSPHERA

What started with a face cream...

... has developed into an exclusive brand for high-quality active ingredient cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

Wolfgang Mittermair had the idea of creating a hyaluron cream for his own use that minimizes skin problems and combines the demands of active ingredient and natural cosmetics. In 2017 he founded the company H1-Performance GmbH and together with the beauty expert Katharina Kopp the brand COSPHERA.

The brand name combines the terms atmosphere , cosmos and cosmetics and stands for the commitment and mission of COSPHERA: naturally healthy beauty and well-being from the outside and inside.

COSPHERA has developed into an exclusive brand for high-quality active ingredient cosmetics and dietary supplements and is now one of the strong players on the online platform.

COSPHERA products combine the best of

  • science and
  • Green Lab with the
  • regenerative power of nature .

An innovative brand that does not rely on empty marketing promises, but on transparency, the best possible products and quality .

Our mission: the best possible products of the highest quality

We create sustainable products with maximum effect for your beauty and well-being.
The following points are particularly important to us:


Quality, transparency and reliability are our top priority. You get high quality products that you can trust. Manufactured in certified production facilities in Germany.


Natural beauty inside and out thanks to perfectly coordinated products. We want to help you find the right thing for beauty, well-being and targeted care:

Reliable active ingredients.
Tolerable formulations.
Purest quality.

Highest quality.

Our claim: only the best for your skin. All COSPHERA formulations, active ingredients and nutrients are selected with great care in terms of purity, bioavailability, effectiveness and skin compatibility.

For quickly visible results and long-lasting results.Innovation.


The principle "Nature meets Science" determines the development and production. COSPHERA products combine the best of science and Green Lab with the regenerative power of nature.


We rely on Clean Beauty Care. Without additives. non-toxic. No parabens, mineral oils, GMOs, microplastics, hormones, synthetic preservatives, colors or fragrances.

We work with partners who work vegan, sustainable, without animal testing and according to clean label standards.