If vitamins are missing, body and psyche suffer

It is undisputed that an optimal supply of nutrients has a positive effect on the body and well-being. However, today we often take in far too few of the important vitamins with food. This deficit can lead to various deficiency symptoms: In addition to symptoms such as hair loss, skin problems and recurring infections, a prolonged nutrient deficiency can also lead to serious illnesses.

Apart from that, the cause of mood swings or fatigue is usually also an undersupply of vitamins. Some experts see the solution to this in an unbalanced diet. Often there is not enough time to cook freshly or the food is highly processed and poor in nutrients. Dietary supplements appear to be a suitable alternative to compensate for the vitamin deficit. But be careful: Most of the preparations on offer can have undesirable side effects in high doses.

CLAV GmbH: Vegan dietary supplements with high bioavailability

If you want to do everything right when taking dietary supplements, you should pay attention to the quality of the products. CLAV GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality herbal food supplements and attaches great importance to the synergy effects of the individual ingredients. Therefore, unlike other manufacturers, the company can do without overdoses. Thanks to the high quality of the products, CLAV food supplements are licensed by pharmacies. In addition to metabolism-stimulating vitamin preparations, CLAV customers will also find formulations that promote regeneration and relaxation, activate the intestinal flora or regulate blood sugar.

The formulations were developed in Switzerland by pharmacologists and ecotrophologists, while production is carried out entirely in Germany. Production facilities, warehouses and CLAV itself are organically certified. All products are 100% vegan and carry the official V-Label. The high bioavailability indicates that the body can optimally absorb and utilize the vitamins - an important factor that other manufacturers often ignore.

The raw materials used for the dietary supplements are selected with the greatest care and, like the packaging materials, are characterized by sustainability. Customers receive natural, sustainable products that can increase their well-being and support a healthy lifestyle.

CLAV dietary supplements are:

• 100% vegan
• free of additives
• gluten-free
• produced without animal testing
• tailored to high bioavailability
• produced without genetic engineering
• packaged in recyclable materials